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Toreel is one of the top Manufacturers of High-quality Teether,  Pacifier Container, and Soother Clips  in China

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Why choose Toreel Silicone?

The Best Silicone Teethers & Containers for You

Estimated Silicone Teether Fees

The Shipping Process

The Silicone Teether Manufacturing Process

Basic of Wholesale Premium Silicone Teether

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Why choose Toreel Silicone?

To fulfill clients’ customization requests, we use state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment and techniques to produce high-quality silicone products with precision and accuracy.

Our 16 years of hands-on experience in marketing silicone products makes us the master of our craft. From using the safest materials, turning them into exquisite items, to marketing and shipping to different parts of the world, Toreel is the name you can trust.

Still doubtful? Here are other reasons why we’re your best bet:

We’re certificated. Toreel silicone is CE and FDA approved.

100+ global, happy customers. We’ve made products for firms in the US, Canada, UK, Germany,  Australia, and Middle East.

We’re expanding fast. Now, our annual turn-over comes to 100 million US Dollar, and have 5,000 square feet of factory space ready to serve you.

We’re fast and responsive. Connect with us on our site and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

The Best Silicone Teethers & Containers for You

We sell only the best pacifiers and pacifier containers on the market. Not looking for that? No problem! our shop also includes tableware, teethers, gaming accessories, mats, pet items, kitchenware to meet your every need.

Baby Pacifier

Portable Soother Pacifier Case

Silicone Soother Clip

Anti-drop Chain for Stroller

Hot Remote Control Teether

Unicorn Design Pacifier Holder    

Silicone Beads Pacifier Clip

Handle Wrist Teethers

Pacifier Case with Zipper Design

Polyester fiber teether clip


Who says silicone production is boring? Our team of experts can personalize your order to match your taste!

Customize Your Logo

Put your brand on the products by silkscreen printing, laser printing or etching.

Custom Design Engraving

Send us your designs so we can make your brand stand out.

Choose Product Style

Give us your idea of the product style, we’ll help to turn ideas into products for you.

Pick Your Color.

Tell us what color you’d like and we’ll use it to make your customized products.

Eco-friendly & Non-toxic

All the materials that are used for production are imported from German or Korea to ensure they are Safe, Eco-friendly & Non-toxic.


Unlike glass or ceramic or plastic tableware, which are fragile. Silicone tableware are durable and long-lasting.

Estimated Silicone Teether Fees

We use a safe and secure checkout process to ensure that all payments reach us. A discount can be negotiated for specific bulk orders as a sign of goodwill. Below is an outline of the fees you can expect to incur.

Design Fee

This is the amount we charge to make your customized designs a reality. We could craft designs, just communicate your comments and suggestions to us.

Shipping Fee

This is the fee we charge to ship your order to your doorstep in a fast and efficient manner.

Miscellaneous Fee

These are small amounts we charge to clear your order for processing. These are usually tax, service, or penalty-related fees.

Sample Product Fee

Usually we will not charge you extra sample fee for your customized style models, and we will offer you 3 to 5 free samples.

30% T/T Fee

We give you the option to pay for your order in full, or with a 30% downpayment. If you opt to pay the downpayment, the remaining 70% will be charged to you at a later date.

70% Final Fee

Complete your payment within a certain period and receive the products you ordered for.

The Shipping Process

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, we were able to adjust our delivery process so you get your order in a fast and efficient manner. Here’s a step-by-step look at how we send your order to you.

Design and Manufacturing

We match the color to meet your color request before we refine them. Afterward, our team of 200+ people then manufacture your order using state-of-the-art equipment to guarantee quality.

Quality Inspection & Packing

After production, our workers will have the quality inspection and pack your order into cartons.

Customs Clearance and Loading

Once your order is packed, we load them onto vans and wait for them to be cleared by Customs.

International Delivery

Once cleared, your order will then be shipped to you through international waters. You’ll receive an alert on your mobile device when your order arrives.

The Silicone Teether Manufacturing Process

Here’s a detailed breakdown of our manufacturing process that makes our silicone products out from raw materials to finished product.

Mould Making

Mass production mould will be made for the customized model for your order in accordance with the 3D design file from you.

Silicone Rubber Mixing and Color Matching

Put the raw silicone material together the Color Master Batch to the mixing machine to match different colors with reference on Pantone Color Code. Then cut the silicone material to small piece to ready for molding using.

Molding & Vulcanizing

Put the small piece of silicone material into the mold to make out the requested product for your order by hot compression molding. And the after twice vulcanizing, we will have the finished products.

Flash Removing and QC

Our workers will remove the extra flash part on the products and having the full quality inspection to pick out the not good or defective products.


After the full quality inspection finished, your order will be packed at our packing line and then shipped out.

Is It Good As Plastic? Things you Need to Know

To save you from worries, here are some facts you need to know about our products supplies:

Do you offer free delivery of wholesale products?

Unfortunately not. You will have to pay a small delivery fee for your order.

What do I do if my wholesale order is delayed?

If your order is over a week late, contact our customer support for further assistance. We’ll be sure to address your concerns immediately. 

Can you replace products that are damaged during delivery?

Although we ensure top-notch safety for all our orders, mishaps do happen. When they do, please contact customer support on our site. They’ll advise you accordingly.

How long does it take for me to receive the goods I ordered?

It takes up to 3 weeks to deliver your order with no order customization but may take up to 8 weeks with customization. This is because we ensure that every customized product you order is uniform and detailed.

Are you on Facebook or other social media sites?

We are currently not on Facebook Inc or any other social media platform. if you wish to say hi, please contact us through our email!

Do you have more pictures of your silicone teether and containers?

Yes, we’ve got more pictures if that’s what you’d like. We can provide a slideshow for you. Just use the space key and arrow keys to change images. Please contact us through email for more pictures.

How can I pay for my order?

We support various payment methods. If you’d like to pay through Visa, Mastercard, or other gateways, please contact us. We’ll give you instructions on a mobile device choosing the payment icons of the gateway you’d like to use.

Is silicone teether that much better than plastic and other types of teether?

Yes. because all the materials we are using for production is imported from German, Japan, Korea and Taiwan. They are all environment friend, BPA free,  and non-toxic.

Need More Product Categories?

We have more categories for you. If you can’t find the products you want above, just fill in the form and tell us what products you want to import from China.
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