Private Label & Packaging Solutions Supplier

We can offer a customized logo or packaging for your products to differentiate them from your competitors’ products.

Our design team will offer you multiple solutions, and our consultant will help you find a reasonable way (silkscreen print, laser print, transfer print, or engraving) to complete them at a good price.

OEM/ODM Available

Affordable/Competitive price

1 by 1 Quality Inspection

Put Your Logo on Stuff

There are many logo-making processes, we can offer the right logo-making solution for you based on your budget, MOQ, and product materials.

Private Label & Logo

At Toreel Silicone, we offer a variety of solutions for our customers for private labels or logos, including Silkscreen Print, Laser Print, Laser Engraving & Transfer Print. Our experienced team is able to customize your existing logo or create new logo to meet the specific needs of your Brand.

Various Solutions to Package Your Items

There are many private packaging-making processes, we can offer the right packaging-making solution for you based on your budget, MOQ, and product materials.

initial packaging

All our initial packaging is made of clear eco-friend PE bags in various dimensions, and styles for different products.

All the initial packages are available for free, and you can have private print or pattern on the package at a low cost.









Blister Package

Blister packaging is welcome by wholesaling and retailing clients.

The blister packages are made of cardboard and PVC case and then seal with high-frequency techniques. Usually, you can have private content or text printed on the cardboard, and seal it together with the product in the PVC case. It keeps the product clean and avoids the package from being damaged effectively.

It is widely used on small items like teethers, pacifiers, and toy packages.










head card package

Head card package is with the advantages of low cost and easily done, so it is widely adopted

Toreel team usually uses 300g copperplate for this kind of package to make the package look high-value and very strong.

And personalized logo and text can print on the head card to enhance your brand too.









Exquisite Gift Package

These gift boxes are made of expensive cardboard with more complicated printing techniques, they are usually used with inserts made of different materials such as EVA, sponge, foam, silk, paper shreds, and PVC & PE based on different products. Exquisite gift boxes are mostly used on high-end products like bibs, tableware sets, drinking ware sets, and feeding bottle.









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