gaming accessories for Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo, and PC with durable Silicone material

Our Magnetic  Thumb Covers Kit Thumbstick Grips rude your thumb pain & enhance your gaming experience

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gaming accessories for Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo, and PC

To fulfill clients’ customization requests, we use state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment and techniques to produce high-quality silicone products with precision and accuracy.

Performance Magnetic Thumb Covers For Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo, PC, Wii, and most other gaming controllers

These Magnetic Thumb Covers have tiny rare earth magnets embedded inside the them that secures very comfortably over the gamers thumbs. This provides the perfect magnetic connection with the Thumb-Stick Covers magnets that are embedded inside the Thumb-Stick Covers. They are securely placed over the control Thumb-Stick. With the perfect magmatic strength connectivity you will have super fast transitions with precision accuracy with little or no down pressure to cause thumb pain issues and lower your performance.

This will help increase your muscle memory in a one-muscle memory position, rather than bouncing around the thumb-sticks like most gamers, lowering their sensitivity and ultimately lowering their performance.

If you’re tired of your fingers slipping, cramping or getting sore from playing, these Magnetic Thumb Covers are the perfect solution


  • 100%  Durable Silicone
  • N52 Strong Magnet

Universal Thumbsticks For Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo, PC, Wii, and most other gaming controllers

These Thumb-Stick extensions will revolutionize the Thumb-Stick and Extensions market. Gamers can go from Low to Mid to High Sniper Towers any time during gameplay. That’s 4.5 to 9 to 13.5mm of  height at any time in your game. You can smoothly transition heights for different weapons options and in play customization. Nobody has this! This feature alone will dramatically increase your performance.

 The Sniper Towers are also a break-away design to help the gamers play more in control and ergonomically correct. This will increase your performance by playing less toxic. The more control you have over your controller the better you play period!


  • 100%  Durable Silicone
  • N42 Strong Magnet

Performance Stick Covers For Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo, PC, Wii, and most other gaming controllers

These Magnetic Silicon Thumb-Stick Covers instantly add 4.5mm of height to your thumb- sticks, and have a magnetized center that allows you to add on Sniper Extensions and/or Magnetic Thumb Tips for enhanced gameplay.

These covers are universal to most gaming controllers, including XBOX, PlayStation, Nintendo, PC and more! No need to buy separate ones – we’ve got you covered!


  • 100%  Durable Silicone
  • N42 Strong Magnet

X9 Ultimate Gamer Kit Relieve Gamer Thumb

The X9 Kit is a 9-Piece Kit that includes:

– (2) Two Magnetic Thumb Covers

– (2) Two Magnetic Thumb-Stick Covers (4.5mm Added Height)

– (2) Two Sniper Extensions (4.5mm Added Height)

 -(2) Two Mini Snipers (4.5mm Domed added Height)

 -(1) One Destruction Pad


  • 100%  Durable Silicone
  • N42 N52 Strong Magnet


The comfortable spiral pattern adapts to the pressure you put on it, so the harder you play, the harder works to keep your thumbs from slipping. 9.9 mm of added height increases the analog stick radial distance by 47%, which provides an arc distance increase of 135.5%. This gives you the ability to make smaller, more precise in-game movements, affording you the luxury of turning up controller sensitivities to maximum levels so you can turn on your opponents faster and gain the upper hand.

The Thumbsticks are available for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch Pro Controllers.


  • 100%  Durable Silicone
  • Custom styles and colors are acceptable

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