How to select weaning sets for my baby?


The tips for selecting baby weaning sets

  • – Material – Choose BPA-free plastic, silicone, wood or stainless steel. Avoid breakable materials like glass or porcelain. Ensure any plastics are food-grade and heat-resistant.
  • – Versatility – Look for sets with a mix of plates, bowls, utensils in varying depths and sizes to accommodate progression in textures. Divided plates and bowls with sections are useful too.
  • – Portability – For outings, portable sets with food containers, small spoons, and lids for storage are convenient.
  • – Spoon Style – Select soft-tipped, curved spoons that are easy for babies to grasp and fit in their mouth comfortably.
  • – Grippiness – Plates and bowls with textured, anti-slip bottoms prevent sliding and spills. Suction bowls that stick to tables are also good.
  • – Cups/Straws – Transition cups with handles, straws or spouts allow babies to learn to drink from a cup.
  • – Dishwasher Safe – Ensure all pieces can be cleaned in the dishwasher for convenience, but avoid harsh detergents.
  • – Storage – Sets with extra storage for bibs, utensils and food containers help keep everything organized.
  • – Safety – All materials should be BPA-free and non-toxic. No sharp edges. Check items are well-made and durable.
  • – Reviews – Read feedback from other parents on quality, durability and ease of use for the set.
  • – Design – Pick playful but simple designs to engage your baby at mealtimes.
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