How to make the baby weaning smoothly?


How to make the baby weaning smoothly?

Here are some tips to help make baby weaning go more smoothly:

  • Go slowly and be patient. Moving to solids is a big transition for babies, so introduce new foods gradually and give them time to get used to each one.
  • Keep mealtimes positive and low-pressure. Don’t force your baby to eat or finish meals. Watch for cues they are full or losing interest.
  • Offer a variety of healthy foods. Rotate between fruits, veggies, cereals, pureed meats, etc to expose them to different flavors and textures.
  • Try to time weaning when your baby seems most receptive. Avoid starting during big life changes or stressful events.
  • Make foods easy to grasp. Dices, strips, and finger foods allow them to self-feed more easily.
  • Lead by example. Eat healthy foods together at mealtimes so they can learn by watching you.
  • Be consistent with schedules. Establish regular meal and snack times each day.
  • Use repeated exposure. It can take 10-15 tries of a new food before a baby will accept it. Keep offering disliked foods periodically.
  • Make it fun. Present foods in colorful, engaging ways. Put purees in fun bowls or plates.
  • Offer water frequently in a cup to get them used to drinking from one.- Avoid distractions during meals. Turn off TV and devices so they can focus.
  • Watch for choking hazards like small, hard pieces of food. Make sure to supervise. Stay patient and positive throughout the weaning process. With time and persistence, your baby will get used to solids and broaden their palate.
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