How to maintain silicone products?

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How to maintain silicone products?

As a silicone products user, you may need to know how to maintain the products to extend the product’s life.

Here are some tips to guide you.

  1. Wash silicone items regularly after use. Rinse or wash silicone products like baking mats, pot holders, trivets, etc. after each use to remove any surface dirt or debris. For silicone tools like spatulas, whisks or ice cube trays, wash them with warm, soapy water after each use or once cool. Allow all items to air dry completely to prevent odors before storing.
  2. Sterilize silicone tools and baby products as needed. Baby bottles, nipples, pacifiers and other silicone items used for infants should be routinely sterilized to properly sanitize. Follow instructions to sterilize using steam, boiling water or a commercial sterilizing unit. Allow items to cool and air dry completely after sterilizing.
  3. Avoid using abrasive cleaners or scrubbers. While silicone can withstand high heat and the dishwasher, harsh cleaners can degrade the material over time. Stick to gentle sponges or nylon scrub brushes and mild soaps. For stuck-on messes, allow soaked silicone to lift the mess before wiping clean.
  4. Don’t use silicone tools and products that show damage. Silicone that becomes sticky, brittle, shows cuts, tears or develops a strong odor should be discarded. Damaged or deteriorated silicone may leach chemicals into foods or no longer withstand high heat as intended. When in doubt, throw it out.
  5. Store silicone folded or stacked, not nested. Silicone products should not be tightly nested long-term, especially not while still damp from washing. This can lead to odors forming and moisture getting trapped. Fold or stack items with air space in between and store in a dry spot away from direct heat.
  6. Avoid contact with sharp tools. While silicone is cut-resistant, sharp tools like knives can still damage the surface. Do not slice directly on silicone baking mats, chopping mats or other tools. Always use a cutting board and be careful not to nick silicone during use or washing up.
  7. Re-season silicone as needed. Silicone tools like tongs, baking mats, pot holders, etc. may need re-seasoning over time after washing up. Apply a light coat of oil to silicone tools or mats and then wipe away excess after 30 minutes. This will restore a natural non-stick patina and prevent sticking. Re-season as often as needed to keep silicone non-stick.
  8. Check the manufacturer’s recommendations for guidance. Refer to the brand’s instructions for products like silicone nipples, pacifiers, bottle brushes or kitchen tools for specific sterilization, washing, drying and maintenance guidance. Always follow recommendations to maximize product lifespan and safety. Does this help provide useful tips for properly maintaining various silicone products? Let me know if you have any other questions.

Does this help provide useful tips for properly maintaining various silicone products? Let me know if you have any other questions.

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