How to customize silicone colors?

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As a new to the industry, how can I get my custom colors on silicone products?


1. Choose a color theme. Do you want bright colors, pastels, metallics, gemstone-inspired, etc? Having a theme can help narrow down the options. You can select a specific color palette or just keep the colors in the same tone family.

2. Consider the application. The color you choose should complement the end use of the silicone product. For example, if it’s a kitchen item, you may want brighter colors. For medical devices, softer pastel colors may work better. Think about the environment the product will be used in.

3. Match your brand colors. If the silicone item is for promotional use, you may want to match your company’s brand colors to reinforce brand recognition. Choose colors that align with your brand guidelines.

4. Consider color trends. Your choice of colors can help make the product appear more stylish and up-to-date. Look at popular color trends for inspiration and the latest color palettes. However, also choose colors that will still look current for the lifetime of the product.

5. Think about visibility. The colors should make the silicone item visible and not blend into the surroundings. Bright, contrasting colors are easier to spot from a distance. Softer, paler colors can work for silicone, but you need to make sure the item will still be noticeable.

6. Discuss options with your supplier. Talk to your silicone product supplier about your needs, application, and ideas. They can help determine if certain custom colors can be properly formulated and matched. They may be able to provide color samples for you to review and can advise on what will work well based on the silicone type and product specifications.

7. Request color samples. Always ask to see physical samples of any custom colors before approving them. There can be variations between how colors appear on a computer screen and in real life. Samples allow you to see the actual hue and make a final selection.

8. Test and approve colors. Have your supplier make test molds or samples using your selected custom colors. Review and approve the colors under proper lighting conditions to ensure they meet your needs before full-scale production. Some adjustments may be required to get the color just right. 

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